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    more fluff to your dash~

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  4. Emma Watson | Noah Madrid premiere (March 17, 2014)

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  5. Prettiest Outfits - 20/?

    Mary Stuart in Hearts and Minds (1.04) 

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    "I may live in France, but I have the heart of a Scot… I would defy the devil himself if he tried to buy and sell my country. I will not risk Scotland’s freedom.”

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    HtTYD / Toothless

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    skodders asked: skins or mmfd?
    "There’s a part in all of us that’s scared and not sure, and when you get the ability to see that in yourself you start to see that everyone is fighting. Everyday. Just like Finn said. So instead of saying you’re fat, and you’re ugly I’m gonna say ‘You are the person who helped your mom out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going.’ Me. I did all that! You’re perfect. You ARE perfect. You can be strong. You can be strong. You CAN be strong.